So far, the journey to make my first full movie SWISS ARTSY KNIFE was for the most parts a lonely one, but it’s always awesome how lots of people chime in to help me get my work out there. To my surprise loads of websites and magazines seemed to like the trailer and posted it on their site. These posts along with all the shares, re-posts and re-tweets mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep going and step my game up, and add some more shootings to my list to make this even more sophisticated than i had ever planned. Here are some of the Links i stumbled upon throughout the web:

REDBULL featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

SNOWSTOKED featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

SNOWBOARD MAG US featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

METHOD MAG featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

ONBOARD featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

WHITELINES featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

ANGRY SNOWBOARDER featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

ZUZUPOPO featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

BITCHSLAPMAG featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

TWOLEFTFEET featuring the swiss artsy knife teaser

You guys and girls are my heros! I was really amused by the funny articles some of you wrote about me. now it’s time to get back to work! Movie will drop sometime during October 2013, so stay tuned.


photo by Dominic “howzee” Zimmermann




SWISS ARTSY KNIFE – a little appeteaser

Just like the famous Swiss Army Knife, Mike “aemka” Knobel is a jack of all trades and arguably the only snowboarder to single-handedly make an entire movie solely with his own creative and athletic powers. Only the filming was left to a handful of talented friends and professionals such as Tom Elliott, Patrick Salama, Daniel Loosli and many more. Follow Aemka on his path living a life full of snow, paint, pixels and drum-machines in a never ending quest to perfect his craft.

Free full movie dropping soon


Not often does the art of snowboard photography get honored on an international level like this. The Redbull Illume is a competition where from tens of thousands of different action sports images, 50 finalists are selected by international judges in ten categories. A couple of weeks ago, they have started unveiling the 250 best Images taken during the last three years and boom, 2 shots of me are already in there. The first one of me to be shown was a photo shot by my buddy and also amazing snowboarder Colin Frei, the second one was shot during spring 2010 by Dominic “Howzee” Zimmermann. I’m really glad this happened and maybe one of these went even further, but for that we’ll have to wait until the end of August when they will be announced in Hong Kong at the exhibition. Big ups to the men behind the lenses though! I’m hyped!

Check out the top250 here!triangle


Tailblock to fakie by Dominic Zimmermann Location: Hoch Ybrig


Switch Backside 540° by Colin Frei Location: Hoch Ybrig

ISEN SEVEN away we go trailer

Ok, so every action sports sites have already posted this, but if you’re not into snowboarding that much, you most likely haven’t seen this work of art. A friend of mine that goes by the name of Alex Shiller makes totally epic snowboard flicks in case you didn’t know. I was at Hoch Ybrig filming for two weeks with the crew and happen to have a small cameo in this, can you find me?



Back in Affoltern!


After an awesome opening of my exhibition at the Regionalbibliothek Affoltern, 50 of my latest pieces will remain showcased until the 9th of February. Thanks alot to all the people who hit me with feedback and support, and to the kind people at the library for choosing my work.

For opening hours and more infos check:


Regionalbibliothek Affoltern am Albis Obere Seewadelstrasse 14           8910 Affoltern am albis

Here’s a live painting video that i shot at “kunst auf der strasse” last Year in Affoltern: